Capture the Moment Progress


I’ve made a lot of progress since the last photo I posted of this of just the back collar section.   This is the back of the project, back collar at top.  And it’s knit down to below the armholes.  The stitches along the bottom are on hold right now – spare piece of yarn threaded through them.

It’s an interesting construction.  Lots of provisional cast ons which are easy, working in sections and then working from the opposite side of the provisional cast ons.  So far it has been easy knitting.

My needle is through that curved area on the right side in this photo – which is the right front shoulder area and collar.  The shoulder stitches were provisionally cast on so I pulled out the cast on chain and put those live stitches back on the needle and then put the right collar stitches back on the needle and am now doing short rows to create front shoulder shaping.


The photo above shows  how the collar will curve around to the front and that little bit of stockinette  shown to the left of the collar is where the short rows start to make the top of the front shoulder.  Lot more short rows to go to get that shoulder finished but I’m enjoying them since it’s a different type of short row than any of the ones I’ve done before – shadow wrapped short rows – and so very easy to do.

You’ll be tired of seeing photos of gold knitting before I’m done with this but it’s a whole lot of yarn to knit and I’m pretty much exclusively knitting on this because I want to be able to wear it soon.

They start on my old furnace rip out, closet wall tear out to make space for new furnace, new furnace installation, and then redoing closet wall drywall, etc. on Monday and will likely take until Thurs. or Fri. before all is finished so my sewing room is out of commission for a while.  Today I need to finish tossing some plastic drop clothes over the fabric shelves and other things to keep the drywall dust etc off of them so sitting and knitting will be my main entertainment while all this work goes on next week since I decided not to have them put me up in a hotel or leave town.

Now to go take down a few quilts from the walls to protect them from any drywall dust next week and I need to move a bit of furniture about and then, on this totally cloudy, gloomy, damp, cool fall day,  a bit of knitting is called for.  My major chores were completed this morning — going to get a new ID card (an hour standing in line at the DMV to get that and we were there 15 minutes after their doors opened), then off for breakfast and much needed coffee, and then to the grocery store for a few things.  So now to make sure everything in the sewing room is underwraps before the mess starts next week.