Just a bit smaller

Yep – there’s that quilt again – and yep, there’s been a few more changes.  I had two sections colored wrong – easy fix – but then I was thinking do I really want to make a 105″ quilt.  Well, yes, I do, but for me to keep because of the thick mattresses, height of bed etc that would be a great size for my bed.  But most of my wedding gift quilts are usually somewhere in the 85″ to 95″ size.  Since I don’t know the size/type of bed the recipients have, they are still nice big quilts.

So I did some final – yes really final this time – tweaks to the border sections and went from 14″ blocks to 12″ blocks  (remember the stars as you see them are not the actual “block patter” per se – I previously posted what the block looks like) but each large star section is made up of four blocks.


Here’s the reworked quilt – this one finishes at 91″.  In addition to making the blocks smaller, I changed the white outer border size and in order to get the math to work correctly (because I’d simply prefer to cut in quarter inch increments) I added the skinny inner purple border.

I’ve also been busy working on the test knit shawl.  Here’s a progress photo – not a great photo since it is raining raining raining yet again outside.  So tired of rain!



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