Capture the Moment – the beginning

I made a bit of a good start last night on Capture the Moment.   I think this will be a great knit item to throw on when a bit of added warmth is needed.  And the relaxed shape and simple texture can be dressed up or down.

It has an interesting construction which has been very easy to follow so far.  You start with the back neck/collar area.  I really like the look of the textured stitches and it’s easy to knit.    And luckily, when the cord pulled out of my needle (rats! so much for that one – into the trash it went and luckily I had a different type in the same size), I noticed something wasn’t right and was able to scoop all the stitches onto another needle without incident.

back collar

Now I put this aside and move on to casing on a different section with provisional cast on so it will be interesting to see how this all gets pulled together into one piece down the road.



Flohmarkt Finished

I got some final photos of this shawl today.  The pattern is Flohmarkt by Mary-Ann Lammers and it’s a great knit.    It’s a somewhat crispy fall day outside today so finished this one just in time to start wearing it.  The leaves along the fence line did not cooperating by having turned to really pretty fall colors, but due to the overcast day it is, at least I was able to get true color shots of the yarn.

Now that the test knit is done, Mary-Ann is having a KAL starting October 1 in her Ravelry group.  You can find all the info about the KAL here.  And yes there are prizes – like a hank of Wollmeise lace for instance. 🙂  Who doesn’t love Wollmeise?  🙂  And there’s a great group of knitters in her group to chat with and share progress too.

The pattern is written specifically to make use of the larger put ups per hank of Wollmeise Pure so be sure you have enough yardage if you are substituting yarn.  I’ve been checking out the KAL thread and the color combinations knitters are planning to use are lovely – so many choices and combinations. 

I used Miss Babbs Kiera yarn which is 560 yards per hank/ Wollmeise pure is 574.   I did leave off the last two garter ridges of the lightest color on the top of the shawl because I knew I might run out before binding off but otherwise I had enough of the other colors for  my gauge, which was slightly different what that the pattern called for.  

The colors I ended up using are Midnight Stroll – the variegated in the left photo center, Topaz – the green on the right which has some dark blueish tints to it in the right light.   Originally I was going to use the gray but decided it was too dark and not enough contrast for my third color, so ordered the Oregon Mist – the light green with bluish tone in the right photo.  It was the perfect choice in my opinion.


I totally enjoyed knitting this and especially love these three squares that are knit in the round.  I will admit you need to pay a bit of attention to get them started but once you get past the first few rows it’s smooth sailing and it’s fun to see how the variegated yarn knits up in those squares – each one a bit different.   I got a lot of binge watching of favorite mystery series done on Prime TV while knitting on this.  Its going to get a lot of wear.




Nearly finished

I’m made good progress if you compare the last image of this test knit shawl to this image from today.



Variegated section had been finished and I had just barely started that light section.  I’m on the final garter stitch rows to finish it off – about 14 more rows to knit which does take a while with the large stitch count on the needles but I’m looking forward to getting this one off the needles and blocked so I can see it in a “not scrunched up” form. 🙂

A cleaning weekend

Ugh – I have spent most of this weekend cleaning (between many coffee breaks).  My furnace needs to be replaced.  They don’t make parts for the old one any more and the new one can’t go in the space in my bathroom ceiling where the old one was.   It needs to go in my coat closet – which means I lose a coat closet (one of the spaces I’ve been cleaning out — I had a whole lot of “stuff” crammed in that closet).  And also, they need to open the wall at the back of the closet, which leads to the closet in my sewing room, to take a  bit of the sewing room closet also.  Which means I’ve been cleaning out the sewing room closet too!

Emptying both those closets — definitely not fun — but I’m nearly done (just stopped for a coffee refill).  And I’ve been cleaning out a few things and tidying as I went along.

I have been knitting along on my test knit of a shawl — on to the last color/section and about 35 or so rows left to go.


Just a bit smaller

Yep – there’s that quilt again – and yep, there’s been a few more changes.  I had two sections colored wrong – easy fix – but then I was thinking do I really want to make a 105″ quilt.  Well, yes, I do, but for me to keep because of the thick mattresses, height of bed etc that would be a great size for my bed.  But most of my wedding gift quilts are usually somewhere in the 85″ to 95″ size.  Since I don’t know the size/type of bed the recipients have, they are still nice big quilts.

So I did some final – yes really final this time – tweaks to the border sections and went from 14″ blocks to 12″ blocks  (remember the stars as you see them are not the actual “block patter” per se – I previously posted what the block looks like) but each large star section is made up of four blocks.


Here’s the reworked quilt – this one finishes at 91″.  In addition to making the blocks smaller, I changed the white outer border size and in order to get the math to work correctly (because I’d simply prefer to cut in quarter inch increments) I added the skinny inner purple border.

I’ve also been busy working on the test knit shawl.  Here’s a progress photo – not a great photo since it is raining raining raining yet again outside.  So tired of rain!


One More Time

Yep – you keep seeing basically the same thing over and over again – although each one is a bit different.  I have made my final tweaks to the border, switched some color placements (although the colors may not be exactly the colors I use in the end they will be similar).



It’s a big quilt – 105″ square – but I hate quilts that don’t hang down far enough on the bed.   Picnic Under the Stars is what I think I will call this.   The colors remind me of happy carefree summer days which also reminds me of so many family picnics — grilling out under a shady tree near the beach, and spending the better part of the day swimming at a state park near home while we were growing up.

I have ordered the background fabric and just a couple more fabrics to add to the Moda Grunge collection I have — I wanted to add in some Grunge dots and Grunge Stars (which are just what they sound like – tone on tone dot prints and star prints) so am looking forward to starting on this soon.


And at 8 am you add more color

While I was enjoying my coffee and the smell of Raisin Bran muffins baking in my oven, I decided to add some more color to my star quilt design, which I need to think of a name for since I’ve decided it’s definitely a keeper design.

Image3One of the reasons I decided to add more color – well more color is just fun – but I remembered the Grunge fabrics I recently bought and I think they would be perfect for this design – although I want to add a piece or two of Grunge Dots into the mix in addition to the basic Grunge.   I need to check the stash to see if there’s enough background fabric but this quilt takes a ton of background so don’t think there’s enough of anything, Grunge or otherwise, to cover that.  I like to buy all the “pretty fabrics” to stash and don’t stash a lot of neutral backgrounds.

But here’s the more colorful version of this quilt.  Still a bit to be tweaked but this is nearly there.

Grunge Stars

The best ideas at 3AM

I come up with my best plans at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning.  Why I’m wide awake – who knows – but I was taking a break from my knitting and decided to hop on the computer and try one more quilt design that had been percolating in my brain.


This block, known in EQ8 as the Double X, No. 3, I have always liked.  Simple shapes, easy to piece and depending on how you use the block, it can do some amazing things.

I love  star quilt designs and while the Double X, No. 3 block does not look like a star, it can be transformed into stars when you set it together and twist and turn it.

This design I like a lot.  I think it will definitely be one of the next ones I make.



Quilt Designs

I’ve spent a lot of time this afternoon playing in EQ trying to figure out what the next wedding quilt design will be.  (I’ve got a quit in progress but need two more.)  There are lots of rejects and I don’t know that any of these are keepers, but here’s some of the quilty images I was working on.  It’s now nearly 7:30 pm and no one has made me dinner!  Where are the quilt fairies who should take care of those things.   Actually in looking at these images here – they would all need a bit of tweaking and the colors are only ones I quickly picked to see contrasts –  and not likely not representative of the colors/fabrics I would use.



Test Knit progress


I’m knitting along on the shawl test knit.  The light border has been added to one end (that finishes off that side) and now I’m working on the other end which starts out with the same border as the other edge I that light green, but then continues on with other sections using all three of my yarns again in various sections.  It’s super easy knitting and great tv knitting as you go along those long rows.  I’d much rather knit a long shawl lengthwise on the needles – the rows may take longer to knit across but you don’t have to keep turning as often.