Sunday Stuff – 8-19-18

Gosh it’s nearly lunch time and I haven’t accomplished much other than a load or two of laundry so time to get busy.  I’ve got some cooking I want to do – some black bean & corn salsa – someone was eating some for lunch at work last week and I’ve been hungry for it ever since.     I also was trying to figure out what to make that I could take for some lunches this week  and remembered the asparagus I need to use in the fridge so asparagus quiche is also on the menu.

After I get the quiche in the oven, then I think I’ll get my quilt backing pieced so I can put away the leftovers from that project.  I’ve been sewing in my living room since the temporary air conditioner is in my sewing room (which makes it too cold to actually sew in that room) so need to clean up the sewing supplies from the living room to get things a bit back to normal.

Also need to think about when I want to get the air conditioner – actually furnace part of it – replaced since I have to move out of the apartment for about a week.  Which also means having to clean out two closets and moving things around in my sewing room so they can get access to where the new furnace will go (inside a closet that that they will have to enlarge a bit).  Having to clean out the sewing room closet will be no small task but it is mostly tubs of things to move and stack out on the other side of the room.  But I’ll worry about starting that cleaning out project next month.

As I was putting some stuff away this yarn was still sitting out and it keeps calling to me.




Marvelous colors – I just love them.  So since the test knit I’m working on will soon become to large and unwieldly to tote back and forth for my bus riding knitting, I think I will wind this yarn and start a light and airy wrap alternating the yarn color every 4 or 5 inches – or may sort of random in various blocks of each yarn – in an open eyelet pattern on larger than recommended  needles.  I’m also thinking fringe with beads on it.  I found the One Skein Scarf Recipe which is sort of the look I’m picturing for this so may try that as a starting point with a few minor changes.

Now to the kitchen to get cookin!