a change of color…


These were the original colors I had planned to use for the test knit shawl I’m working on.  The colors above are all a bit lighter due to the flash than in real life.  And as I was knitting on the first section of the shawl, which uses the middle variegated to make the squares and then the variegated and the dark green to do the stripes, I was thinking the gray was just going to make the whole project to dark and drab.

So I saw this color – Oregon Mist – newcolor

You never know when ordering on line if the color is going to be exactly what you want but I’ve gotten pretty good at guessing.  This color picks up beautifully the light color in the variegated. It looks white in the top photo but the bottom photo is more true – it’s a very light greenish tinted color in the variegated that almost perfectly matches the new hank I got.  This will balance things out much better!