Yarn Yarn and more Yarn

I did finish off my August Camp Loopy cowl project.


I really like the texture of this and the yarn colors although this is the second project I’ve made using the Dream in Color Loopy Legends line – 600 yard hanks so I love the yardage on them – but the first half of the hank varies from the second.  In both instances where I used this yarn, the first half of the hank the colors are much darker, richer, intense.  The second half decidedly lighter.  It’s not a “feature” of the yarn – like it’s advertised as doing that – it’s something with the way it’s being dyed.   I had wanted to knit a sweater out of this yarn but for that reason definitely won’t.


I can’t get a real good photo of it in the bright daylight outside but when the cowl is laying like in the first photo, one side is darker and the other much lighter – it sort of shows in the photo where I have one side folded back but not as clearly as in real life.  In this cowl – it doesn’t really matter and when I’m wearing it, no one else will notice – but I’ll have to keep this in mind if contemplating any more of that line of yarn.

I also started this week on a test knit for Mary-Ann Lammers.   I’ve made several of her patterns – and lots of Davinci Cowls – and they are always fun to do.


This test is for a rectangular wrap which has an interesting (but easy) construction.  It’s center focal strip has some miter-type squares in it.  I’ve never knit a square in the round before and it is fun to see how it comes together.  The photo above was taken earlier yesterday and I’m just about done with the first part of the focal strip and ready to start the second of three mitered squares.   This is a great tv knitting/bus knitting project.


While I was waiting or the instructions for the test to arrive (and after I had finished my cowl) I decided I really wanted to do my swatch with these lovely yarns.  I plan to make some kind of sweater – likely cardigan style of some kind – probably either one that is open front or closes with just a couple buttons – not buttoned all the way down.  Also likely 3/4 sleeves.  The colors are a bit darker and richer than in my photo and I absolutely love this combination of five yarns.  I didn’t blend them as I added in each color, just started it as a stripe which looks good but they should also blend/fade into each other well.  The Malabrigo Mechita is so soft.   Still waiting for my swatch to dry so I can play with some ideas in CustomFit to decide what type of sweater I want.  But this sweater will wait until after I’ve got the Ouzo sweater done which is moving right along.


Speaking of Malabrigo yarn, ESK had a sale buy 6 get the 6th hank free and I had a store credit just waiting for me to use it.

So there were several yarn arrivals  – the first photo has four hanks (4 from left to right) which are extra hanks of some of the yarns used in the swatch above — I wanted to make sure I don’t run out of yarn for that sweater.


The two on the left in the photo above – close up photo below – are also mechita yarn and I bought them to use together in some project – I think the specks will go well with the multicolored.


Then there were these two groups of malabrigo lace – Dusty and Pearl 10 – which will be used together in a striped sweater.


The Loopy Ewe also had a special yarn to celebrate the anniversary of starting TLE.  I couldn’t pass that up.


and (yes AND!) well there are three shops I order from and I didn’t want the last one to be left out.    Actually the Miss Babs Ravelry Group has a weave along starting soon and I have been wanting to make a bag out of the fabric I weave on my Cricket Loom.

More on that project later because it uses some other interesting (and new to me) supplies to make the bag which I’m looking forward to trying.  I don’t know that I’ll get it done within the weave along time frame but I have been wanting to make the bag for a long time and here’s the yarn I got to make it with.  I think these are just gorgeous.  They are 3-Ply yummy (sport weight) in Dusk (the purple) and Outstanding (and I think the Outstanding colorway is truly “outstanding!”


So I think I’m more than well stocked with yarn and fabric so just need to get ALL the things organized since apparently I want to make ALL the things.

First up tho – need to finish my quilt before the end of the month and then I can get back to a wedding quilt I’m working on and in knitting – I’m concentrating on the test knit and the Ouzo sweater (nearly up to the underarm on the second front of this sweater so it’s moving along.


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