Progress – 8-4-18

I knit until the week hours of the morning, and then some, and made great progress on my Camp knitting project.  I did forget goof at one point and added in the garter stitches sooner than I should have but I’ll just repeat it later a time or two and it will look like it was planned – which after the first time, it was planned. 🙂


I think I’m just past the half-way point.     I do love the colors in this yarn  but I’ve noticed this on other Loopy Legend yarns from the most recent dying company that they are darker at one end of the yarn cake than at the other.  I don’t know if this is something with just the more speckly yarns or if it’s true of all but I noticed in on a prior project too and others have mentioned it.  For my cowl, I really don’t care but I was thinking of getting more of this yarn for a sweater but I don’t think it will work well for that now (plus I really don’t need more yarn!).  🙂


I do really love this stitch pattern tho and definitely need to use it in a sweater.

I’m also going to be joining in the test knit of a shawl for friend and found these lovelies in the stash to use for that.


They are all Miss Babs Keira yarn and the colors from left to right, pewter, moonlight stroll, and topaz.

I’ve also spent most of this afternoon sewing and have all my star blocks finished for my Camp quilt – they just need a final press before I stick the up on the design wall so there’s no photo at the moment.  Next up after dinner will hopefully be cutting all the rest of the rectangles needed for more flying geese blocks.



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  1. Denise, What pattern are you using? Really like it and your yarn choice. Thanks, Theresa


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