A bit of knitting and sewing – 8-3-18

I gave myself a three day weekend so spent most of today going between my sewing machine and then switching to a bit of knitting.  There was a tiny bit of cleaning but since it was a vacation day after all, I simply couldn’t do too many chores.

I’ve got a good start on my Camp Loopy knitting project.  I really like how this yarn is knitting up in this pattern.  The texture stitch to the cowl keeps it interesting but really easy to knit.  It’s a perfect pattern for a wild variegated yarn.


The sun is making the colors look a bit lighter than they are in reality but they are so pretty.  The gold at the bottom is just my provisional cast on which will get taken out when I join the edges.    I’m contemplating using this stitch pattern in a sweater.

I also got some of the blocks for the center section of my Camp Loopy sewing project done too.


And the mailman brought me some lovely yarns — I ordered one of the ESK August under the sea colorways with my store credit — it’s on MadTosh Pashmina base and is lovely.


And two additional hanks of yarn I wanted to make a Never Fading shawl which is a free pattern.  I generally don’t like true triangular shawls – but this is one I’ll be using this winter to add some color to one of my winter coats so it will be wrapped more around my neck (or up over my head and neck if it’s really cold) and not really worn as a shawl around the shoulders.


This is super bulky yarn (Madtosh ASAP) and it will be knit with large needles so should be a quick project.  The two colors on the left are the ones that arrived today since I want to make it a bit larger than the pattern calls for.  I was originally going to knit them in this order from left to right but I think I will flip flop the 2nd and 3rd ones from the right.  I’ll have to wait and see how they look when they are wound into cakes  but I love each of these colors – especially those two newest ones I added.