No I’m not spending my Sunday drinking.   Ouzo is the name of a cute sweater pattern – worn open cardigan with short sleeves and a gorgeous lace panel.

It had been sitting with just the back done while I worked on the two latest shawls I finished but I picked it back up yesterday afternoon.

It’s a quick knit in DK yarn, especially since I’m making it in my sister’s size (I hope it will it anyway but it’s a pretty forgiving item to wear) and trying some Queensland Savannah yarn for the first time.  It’s a silk/linen/flax blend of yarn so will be a nice little sweater over a t-shirt or tank.


This picture was taken earlier this morning.  After I had ripped back about 9″ due to not reading the instructions properly, and having reknit about 4″.   The piece on the bottom is the back of the sweater – it’s folded in half but it’s all there.  The lace is across the top back yoke section.  The fronts should to pretty fast since they aren’t very wide and I’m nearly half-way through the sleeve section on the first front now so hope to start on the second front later tonight.