Caramel Watershed- July 2018 Camp Loopy

Caramel and Watershed are the names of the two yarn colors I used in my July Camp Loopy project.  Took it off the blocking mats this morning.  It’s 1,260 yards of loveliness in my not so humble opinion.   The Caramel yarn is one of my favorite shades of gold and it shows the lace pattern off beautifully.


I added several more repeats of the lace pattern down the center to make it longer.   I also made the outer border width a bit smaller than the original pattern since in the original the wide border seemed out of proportion to me to the center (perhaps my quilting background was kicking in).   I also added a few more rows of my gold around the border edge to bring that gold color out a bit more.

I love the way it turned out – soft and drapey and the lace blocked out so nicely.

My August project will NOT be another 1000+ project. 🙂  It will be a cowl somewhere between 400 and 600 yards.   But I’ve got a couple of says before August 1 rolls around to start on that project so I may try to get some work done on a couple projects that have been languishing.









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