910 yards of garter squishines

My ESK Q3 project is officially complete.  The challenge was to use one of the many of the yarn colorways dyed exclusively for ESK.  Bonus star if you used 2 exclusives in the same project.

These two colors were part of the Under The Sea colorways – the variegated is Kelp Forest and the green is Wakame – both Squoosh Fiberarts Beefcake Sock yarn.

With the submission of this project I will have achieved the level in the Yarnathon I was striving for with points and stars – MVP – so I think I will be picking up some of my WIP that have been languishing.  Some of chose could still earn me add’l badges since they are ESK yarn projects but I also have a couple sweaters I’d like to get finished.

Of course there is a badge for placing a yarn order on your birthday and since today is my birthday I can’t help but earn that badge, right?!

These are the colors I’m planning to order to make a fade-style sweater.  Since most of my sweaters are fallish colors, this will be a nice change.


Now to get a little bit of tidying up done before my grocery store delivery arrives.  The weather has finally turned nice – upper 70s and not humid – so I may see later how many mosquitoes are lurking on my patio.  I’m hoping it may be safe to sit out there and knit for a while later since I haven’t really been able to enjoy the quiet outside with all the heat and humidity and rain this summer.




3 comments on “910 yards of garter squishines

  1. Happy Birthday! The amount of knitting you get done never ceases to amaze me. Great job! Several times you’ve mentioned waiting for your groceries to be delivered. Am I wrong in assuming that it is a good thing? We’ve got a couple of stores now advertising the same service but I’m a bit skeptical about it. For example, would they pick out produce with a good eye or just grab any ole avocado, head of lettuce, garlic bulb ….

    • Waiting for my groceries to be delivered IS a good thing. I hate grocery shopping more than any other chore I have to do and having someone else do my shopping and deliver it to my door is wonderful. I’ve been doing that for nearly two years now I think. I was skeptical too about produce since I’m very particular about that so added in various produce items over several orders to make sure they were picking things I would want. In all that time there was only one instance where I got something that was not acceptable. The strawberries in the bottom of the plastic container were fuzzy. And honestly, I may not have noticed since it was in the very middle of the pack but I emailed the store,, immediately got a phone call to make sure I was going to be home, and they sent someone over with a replacement plus an extra for my trouble. The place I shop has very good shoppers – they are much better at picking out melons and watermelons that I am.

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