ESK 3rd Quarterly KAL project

My Linus shawl is coming along.   I took this photo early this afternoon.


I have been knitting on this all afternoon – mindless knitting – while  binge watching  a mindless series from the 60s that is marionette puppets that a part of some secret government organization and the good guys save the world against undersea creatures and other dastardly organizations trying to cause chaos  (and napping a bit).  I have just another row or two before I run out of that ball of multicolored yarn so I did quite a bit of knitting today and then I just need to knit through the green ball and it will be done.  I love the squish of garter shawls, letting a simple pattern show off lovely yarns, but the other thing I really like about garter shawls — no need to block them!!  Once they’re off the needles they’re done.