Vacation time for work and so at I spent the day puttering and putzing with stuff.  A bit of cleaning, stepped outside thinking I might drink my coffee out there – hot humid mosquitoes – back inside.

Finished the binding on a wedding quilt and got that washed and dried so it’s ready to go to it’s recipients but no final photo yet – too sunny at the moment so it would just wash all the colors out.   Next week, on to the next wedding quilt – which I have most of the blocks made for I believe, but need to pull them all out and see where I left off.

After that one there are still two more wedding quilts to be made.  As I was puttering around I decided to look at some prior EQ drawings I had done but never made.   These are in the potential running for one of the wedding quilts.    The sizes/shapes of the images below may be a large quilt size but it’s giving me a starting place to think about what I want to make.  I also have ideas for a couple new ones but need to go get some other stuff done.  Ideas are brewing tho.





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    • Thanks. I need three more wedding quilts and recipients all have very different personalities / styles. Need to do some more searching through potential EQ projects.

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