Sunday Stitching, Knitting, and Chores

Laundry – yep I have to fit a few chores in today.   Actually last night I was doing the stitching.  I have just 2 feet or a bit more of binding to hand stitch down on my Camp Loopy June project.   I want to get that finished so I can get the final photo this week and get it uploaded before I forget and miss the deadline.

I also plan to spend a bit of time in the kitchen – making some cold pasta/tuna salad for lunch this week and also have some frozen peaches I need to use so peach crisp it will be.  Had a large box of sliced mushrooms that I needed to do something with (since I can’t remember what I original bought them to make) so cooked them up and will figure out what to do with them later.  Ah, the lightbulb has come on, those mushrooms may become a mushroom and cheese meatloaf roll.   Well that’s dinner sorted.

I did cast on another pair of fingerless mitts for one of my yarnathon  badges.  The yarn is Manos del Uruguay Silk Blend and in one of my favorite colors of that yarn, Wildflowers.


As I said before – these are the simplest mitts and great for a beginner knitter since it’s all garter stitch and a bit of seaming.  I’ve also just used a crochet hook on some of them to seam them with crochet slip stitch and/or single crochet.

When I was outside I snapped this shot of one of my plants that I’m amazed is still living.


I haven’t had to water it all since planting it a month or so ago.  I HAVE had to dump out the tray that goes under it at least every other day from all the rain we keep getting.  I’m surprised it hasn’t died from being too wet.   It’s leaves have definitely multiplied and it survived the storm that caused the rips and holes in some of the leaves.  Either the rain came down really hard or there was some hail mixed in one of the storms (or both) but it tore up some of the leaves one night.

On to the rest of my chores…..



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  1. The colors in your caladium plant blend really well with that yarn. Both are beautiful.

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