June Camp Sewing Project Complete

It’s finished! I just put the last stitches in the binding.

Allstar Cowgirl Roundup

Allstar Cowgirl Roundup quilt made for Camp Loopy June 2018

I really like how this one turned out and the sort of rounded diamond -looking path the darker stars and connecting squares make.    It was one of those designs I drew in EQ and knew I wanted to use two different star block designs but originally the design had the same background in all the darker pink blocks.  Which was fine but it wasn’t until I changed the fabric in the inner triangles around the paisley star center to that dark burgundy, and then colored in the sashing cornerstone top and bottom of applique area that I thought hmmm… what if I color in the corners that touch those sashing squares to make sort of a chain.  I love how easy it is to change up colors and recolor certain areas to get a totally different look in EQ.

I would have liked the quilt with the plainer background blocks just fine but this version with the secondary design really makes it pop…in my not so humble opinion. 🙂

Next month I won’t be working on a Camp quilting project (I have a large project with a lot of lace I’ll be knitting) but do hope to get some sewing done on the next wedding quilt in line to get finished.  I have to pull out the blocks and see if I have all of them made since I can’t remember where I left off.




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