Barn Dance Revisited

Lordy – this is the never-ending quilt.   Barn Dance was started back in 2016 as a wedding quilt for one of my niece’s.   This coming October will be the 2 yr anniversary and well they don’t have their quilt …yet…soon, very soon.   They knew they wouldn’t get it until after the wedding and they were selling their house, putting most of their stuff in storage, and moving into a small apartment while they decided where they wanted to build their new home.  Therefore, they really didn’t want the quilt until the new home was ready (one less thing to worry about in storage) so I got a reprieve.  But I really need to get it finished since those other darn nieces and nephews kept getting married quickly in succession.  There are three other wedding quilts to be made, only one of which is started (possibly 2 started if I can stand to part with the other one).

In any event, I was looking back at a prior post and at that point I had quilted 13 bobbins worth of thread into Barn Dance.  Today I finally pulled it out and added another three bobbins worth and I think it will take at least three more tomorrow but just maybe that will be enough to finish it off.  That’s a whole lot of thread and it’s just a large meander overall, nothing fancy.  No photos since it’s all in a heap right now.

But as I was working on it I remembered I had deactivated the download for the pattern on my blog because I needed to fix something.  So it is now fixed.  I actually took all the separate pdfs from the original quilt along format and joined them together into one pdf so there will just be one file to download now (instead of 5 or 6 separate ones) to get all the instructions.  Just go to the pdf files downloads list to get it.



Rumor has it there’s going to be a Barn Dance quilt hanging at Fall Quit Week in Paducah (not mine of course) which is very cool so if you are at Quilt week be sure to look for it.




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  1. I had put my Barn Dance quilt away, unfinished. So after reading your post, I got it out and it will be finished next. Thank you for all you do.

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