Camp Loopy – Store Week for July

Today the Camp Store week started and the challenge for July Camp Loopy was revealed.

Those cowboys and cowgirls faced many challenges in the Wild Wild West. Lasso up a pattern that will be a challenge for you in some way during the month of July. A few examples would include: a new technique, mixing different brands of color into one project, a new-to-you designer, a new shape or type of project, your own design elements added in to change something, etc. As always, we want to leave this open ended enough for you to find something fun to work on, but also provide a challenge for you to work with.

Sooo did the ideas I had for possible yarns/fabrics/patterns before the criteria was announced worked.  Yes and no.   Yes the yarn I fell in love with works and was ordered.



I hope the colors go together as well in real life.  I like that hint of gold in the multicolored yarn  and I love gold in general so the tonal one on the right is right up my alley.  The left is called Watershed and the right Caramel.

In keeping with the “new technique” and I don’t think I’ve made anything by this designer before either  – I plan to make Cozy Cottage Orchard.  It has a bit different construction – make long lace panel in the center and then pick up stitches and add garter border in the round.   I plan to use the Caramel for the lace and Watershed for the border, make it a bit longer since I plan to keep it for me, and maybe adjust the width of the border since it looks a bit wide to me.  But I have 1,640 yards of yarn so shouldn’t run out with any adjustments I want to make.  I’m just going to have to knit my little fingers off to finish it in a month – but there is a few vacation days in that time period and some visiting with family days where I should be able to get some knitting done when we’re just sitting around.

No, as far as the fabric choices.  I could have made them work but I was smart enough to decide July is sort of a busy month for me – family events, a bit of traveling – so I decided NOT to do a sewing project for July, especially since I’m knitting a big project in July.

I did make progress yesterday afternoon on my June quilting project tho.  Got it layered and have it about half quilted so that one is progressing nicely.