Granny Squared Cowl Finished

Just finished this off.    The pattern is a Drops pattern 143-40B Magic Shawl which is available for free.  Not difficult but I find that most Drops patterns are written a bit differently – I think because they are foreign based patterns – so not exactly worded the way many English patterns are written.  But, if you know how to crochet and know how to crochet granny squares – this is a very simple pattern.

This project did remind me I don’t care for Noro yarns unless I’m felting something with them.  Felted bags – this would be my go-to yarn since it felts beautifully.  But because of the blend of fibers, Noro is a really “weak” yarn – breaks and pulls apart easily so while this yarn is called “Noro Silk Garden Sock”  “sock”  refers more to the weight/ply of the yarn than that it’s appropriate for socks.  This says it’s a sport weight yarn but it’s a thick and thin one (another reason I’m not fond of it) – sometimes thicker than worsted weight and so thin it looks like lace weight.   As I was making the granny squares I was looking ahead on my yarn to see how thick/thin it was and would break of several yards to start where it was more even.

I need to go find some dinner and then maybe I can finish off my Camp Loopy shawl.