Last Loopy Challenge project finished

I managed to finish off the last Loopy Knitting Challenge project I had started the day before the deadline.

This scarf is knit with yarn held doubled.  I used four different colors and after knitting a while, would switch out one of the yarns for a different color, knit some more, switch out the other original yarn I started with for a different one – and kept switching out one at  a time.   The pattern is Shifts.  Simple garter scarf – I made mine a few stitches less in width than the pattern called for and when I was done decided that those angled ends really need tassels so mixed all the yarn together when making the tassels.

I love garter squishy-ness and with the fingering yarns held doubled it is extra squishy and will be very warm.


I updated the “Yarny Things” page – see side bar for button link – and so far this year in 5 months I’ve completed 24 items and knit over 10,000 yards of yarn.  All those projects were started in 2018 as well so no carry over from prior projects sitting on the needles.

Time to pull a couple of those sweaters out of the seam pile and get them finished off tho – especially the summery/spring ones.