FKAL – Finished


My FKAL Cowl is finished – didn’t the yarn knit up pretty.  And it looks good photographed against that  hillside outside my apartment where the stinky flowers are now in bloom — although they are not as perfume-y as usual so are not really bothering my allergies… at least not yet.

Now as for the cowl – I’m not in love with this pattern for several reasons and it has already been frogged.   It starts with a garter tab which always makes this sort of upward bump.  While that area sort of gets tucked to the inside in the front – I still don’t like it since it just seems to add extra bulk around the neck.  There were many people who had trouble with the garter edge flipping so when I go to that point I did the first row of that edging section as K1, P1 and that seems to have stopped the flipping.  There is an error in the pattern as to the number of garter rows but that was easily recognized before I started that section and really would have made any difference if I hadn’t noticed it.  But the think I dislike most which I forgot to take a photo of is the back comes to this point – a much smaller point than the front, but it doesn’t want to lay flat.  It sort of ripples but then also that point flips up.  Not a good look.  I don’t know that it’s any fault of the pattern – could be the yarn I used (perhaps a softer yarn would lay in place better) or the fact that my much wider shoulders/neck make it lay differently  – or, and I do think this might be the issue,  perhaps I should have made the neckline a bit longer before joining in the round so it was a looser fit and I think the point may have behaved better then – but in any event I’m not comfortable putting it in my gifting pile not knowing how it would behave with someone else wearing it and I like the yarn to much so will be reusing it for a different project.  Good thing it was a quick knit so I didn’t have a lot of time invested.


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