Not quite finished

Well I did get lots of cleaning done in the sewing room but not quite finished.  I decided I needed to move one of the shelving units of fabric to the other side of the room which entailed unloading all the fabric in order to move the unit, and then putting all the fabric back.  But doesn’t that fabric on the left hand shelving unit look lovely and tidy now.



And bonus – I ended up with some extra space once all the fabric was put back and the top shelf is empty (not that I won’t put anything on it – but it had been piled with fabric too.

The shelving unit to the right needs to have the top shelf cleaned of and just a bit of tidying since there’s some tippy stacks of fabric, but it’s not in too bad a shape.

Then I moved on to the other two shelving units

fffffLeftover batting pieces are finally all stacked up in one space rather than spilling off the shelf in the closet, and the bottom is some finished quilts/wallhangings that I moved off an old tv stand that used to be in this room (might be time to have another sale at the office to whittle down the finished projects).  fThe tv stand is now gracing the corner of the living room until I can get rid of it.  It was just one more surface in the sewing room taking up floor space and getting junk piled on it.  So out it will go.


This shelving unit – also pretty tidy with baskets of projects and other WIPs and the top two shelves, batiks and TLE fabrics on the next two shelves, and the bottom is a stack of quilt tops (which don’t fit in the quilt top tubs in the closet).


And then there’s this chair……..


This is my corner of the room to work on today but shouldn’t take too long to put right.


As I was cleaning up all the other areas, I keep tossing odds and ends on this chair to deal with later. Most of it scraps, or a couple small projects that are WIP.


But the pegboard units from Ikea which started this whole cleaning up….I totally love them!

I had to order some more pegs and some other clips I wanted to hook into the pegboard because the rulers only fit on one of the two types of pegs I got due to where the holes in them are situated.  And some of the rotary cutters or scissors or other tools with wide handles need a different kind of peg too, but here are the pegboard with what I have on them so far.



I have just a couple of rules that don’t have holes in them to hang so those will stay in the wooden ruler rack but it won’t be so top heavy with all the larger rulers in it so hopefully I won’t be tipping it over as much as usual! 🙂

I’ve been having a lazy Sunday morning but I guess it’s time to get dressed and get busy. I stuck my head out the door – it’s already 85 headed to 95 today and tomorrow — so much for that ONE WEEK  of spring weather we had where you could throw open the windows and let some fresh air in.  I would love temps in the 70s for a few more weeks please – this 90 crap is crazy for May.

When I finally did sit down to knit last night I made a bit more progress on the FKAL cowl – I think I’m just about at the point where you start the edging stitch pattern but I may knit it a bit longer than the pattern calls for since I have enough yarn.