Getting Potted

Breakfast with a friend this morning and we stopped at our favorite garden center to get a few plants.

My problem with buying plants is I have pretty much a shaded area on my patio and next to it so there’s very little sunshine – which is fine but I love the sun-loving plants and don’t like a lot of the shade loving plants.  But, if I want some color out there, I’ve had to adapt.

Here’s what I came home with today.   I think this year it’s all about the speckled/variegated looking plants.


Now I just need to pull the slate topped outdoor table from it’s winter storage (which is just along the wall of the building but it’s a bit heavy to tip upright), and decide which side of the patio I really want the old wooden shelving unit I moved outside to go.  Then once repotted, I’ll have some lovely plants to put on those shelves.

This one below is my favorite of the group.


Now back to the cleaning of the sewing room.  I figured out where to put the pegboard and now just need to do some measuring to make sure it will all work.  I hope to have this room finished off later today.