The Sewing Room clean-up

Yesterday afternoon and this morning have been spent trying to get control of the chaos that is my sewing room.  My only problem is when I’m doing a major cleanup/reorganization it seems to spread over the whole apartment.  For instance, There is this three-drawer storage chest in my sewing room – that’s what kicked off the latest project.

20180520_1It’s full of knit items – scarves, shawls, cowls, mittens –  and I still have a bunch more I need to pack away until next winter and they are not going to fit into this. (Plus I really wanted this to use for sewing stuff (a drawer for rulers and templates and tools, may be one for scraps , etc.)  Then I remembered a very large suitcase (too big for the airlines these days – not that I’ve flown anywhere in years) that I use for storage off off-season clothes.   That suitcase was on my list of things to clean out because I knew here were clothes in it I haven’t worn in years that I needed to get ride of.  And here was another large plastic storage tub of clothes I wanted to get rid of as well.  So now there were three things involved in my relocation/packing away of the knit cowls/scarves/mittens, etc.  The suitcase first got pulled out and sorted through; the plastic tub from a different closet pulled out, sorted, items from that I wanted to keep now fit into the suitcase, and one plastic tub now emptied to put the knit stuff in for storage which will leave this cabinet empty as well.

Many baskets and containers of “stuff” cleaned off the sewing table as well.  All those little bits and bobs that get tossed into them as I’m working on a project (or allegedly cleaning) that really don’t belong there.  So little by little I’m making headway.  And in my cleaning I found a block drawing I’ve been looking for so that was a bonus and as I was moving quilt tops hanging in the closet I came across two I had totally forgotten were in there waiting to be quilted.  I haven’t decided if I can part with one of them but the other is perfect for a wedding quilt  and I have several of those I  need to make so just have to quilt it.

As I was digging through one of the containers I came across these cute little blocks


I think there’re from when I was working on one of my cupcake block quilts and I was planning to use them as sashing centers (or maybe I did since I know a couple cupcake quilts were donated but I still have more large cupcake blocks in the closet).  The cupcakes themselves are about 1-1/2″ — the background square of these measures 2-1/2″.  I set these aside (so they don’t get lost) and may need to make a little mug rug out of them.   Those cupcakes have now made me hungry – must be time for a lunch break.

And on the knitting front – finished off this sock last night.  So need to csst on the second one tonight.



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  1. I did some cleaning and purging in my sewing room today too. And found some fabric I had been looking for. Like you, my reorganizing has cleaned up some areas and created a mess to go through in another.

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