Socks – a bit of backtracking

I was moving along nicely on this sock and then realized – darn I had gotten off on the pattern that creates the groove down the sides of the sock.  I was debating whether to rip back or not – it’s a sock, it will be in my shoe – no one will know but me and just as I decided to leave it I spied the reason I had gotten off in the pattern.  A dropped stitch about a dozen rows back.  Drat – so decided to rip it back and I think I’m almost back to where I was.


The pictures above are both the same sock – just the two different sides.  It will be interesting to see if they pool the same.  Front of the sock is red and gray, back is gray and gold and then foot starts to mix it all up again but now it’s starting to pool differently.

There was also a bit of stash enhancement.


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