A bit more Roundup tweaking

My fabrics for my Camp Loopy quilt have arrived.


After seeing them in person I decided the paisley and the horseshoe fabric would look better switched around.  The pink tone on tone looks really good with the burgundy tone one tone and the paisley but I originally had that pink tone on tone with the horseshoe print in the center – not good in person.  But luckily I have the yardage to switch those around.  These pink colors are really growing on me and of course I don’t know that I ever saw a paisley I didn’t like.

So I re-colored my EQ drawing so that when I go to make it I don’t forget about the fabric swap and then I also decided that since I bought extra of the paisley, I’d make the project a bit larger and add another border of the paisley which brightened up the overall look rather than ending with the black/cream print.  So here’s the new plan.


So the final size will be 45 x 55 or thereabouts – I can’t remember exactly.    I’ve gotten emails asking if I will be posting this pattern to the blog.  Honestly, I hadn’t thought about it since it’s such a simple design – I’m still thinking on it but if I do,  it would be the “quicky instructions” format I’ve used on some projects in the past where I give you the info to make cut and sew one of each block style in the quilt, along with sashing and border measurements (not the detailed instructions like if it were being published).  It would not have the cowgirl pattern for the center since that’s not my design to share (but you could easily find something like it in clip art on line).  It would be this original version with more stars in the center.