May 6, 2018

May seems to have snuck up on me.  Or it could be the fact that I haven’t adjusted to winter coat/6″ of snow falling one week and the same time next week, no coat, 70s, very humid and I think I saw a mosquito!

With massive amounts of rain and temps soaring into the 70s and humid, overnight – literally – leaves and blossoms popped out on trees.  We have green grass and the tulips are starting to open on the Capitol grounds across from where I work.  Another sure sign of spring – the food carts are back out on the Capitol Square although I’m sad the Chinese food cart that was right outside our office has not returned.  Great food, inexpensive and so handy.  Makes for a nice change of pace with all the different cart options.

This weekend I’m just spent puttering – a bit of cleaning and laundry, then I lose interest, go do something else – boring – so I’ve accomplished a very little bit of several things but it doesn’t really seem like I’ve done much.

I do have what I’m making for dinner decided and will have leftovers for some lunches this week so that’s always a bonus.  Cleaned out a couple of the knitting project baskets that were once again a mess (knitting stuff and quilting stuff – I make such a mess of them).    I found a couple projects that I’m trying to decide – will I ever finish it or should I just rip it out.  One of those projects, which I did rip, was the Plaid is the New Fad.  I started it for a Loopy challenge last year and only got about this far


I think what I loved the most about this pattern is the colors the design picked – so bright and cheery – and even tho it’s not a hard pattern, I wasn’t enjoying knitting it, and when I saw some of the finished ones where the slipped stitch parts get longer, I didn’t like the look of them so I’m not wasting my lovely Wollmeise on something I don’t feel like making and wouldn’t like in the end.  Too many things to knit – can’t be wasting time on things I don’t love.

One of the other things I haven’t ripped back yet but think I will start over on is Stained Glass Cowl – yep that project started as a KAL in 2016 which is still not done.  20161018_4

I was going to work on it a bit last night and decided several things — this one bugs me. LOL for several reasons.  My colorwork is a bit all over the place as far as tension goes so some stitches disappear making it look like the pattern is off.  Some of that would come out with blocking but some of it is also due to I think I need to go down a needle size.  Then there’s two spots not visible in the photo (in addition to the one spot I can see in the image above) where I got off on the pattern.  Lastly, even though I had changed the size of my cast on at least once if not twice, this is still not a length I would like.  It’s not long enough to double loop (which I don’t like to wear) but it’s too long for the length I like my single loop cowls.    Okay plus I got this great Wollmeise multicolored yarn that I think would be really pretty in this pattern – which all means I’ll rip this one back and restart, with smaller needles as soon as I figure out what the proper number of pattern repeats will be for what I want.  I do love this pattern and eventually I will have a cowl out of this pattern to wear! 🙂

I did finish something last night tho.   This pair of socks.


The pattern is Peacock Socks (tho I switched the pattern at the top of the foot a bit) and yarn is DIC Smooshy in Below Horizon, one of their new colors.  One half of the hank definitely had more speckles than the other  – clearly evident between the two socks.  I’m hoping all of their new specky yarns are not dyed that way – for socks I don’t really care but in other projects not being more evenly distributed with color might be really annoying.

I also cast on a new pair of socks but they are not very far along so I’ll wait to show those.

The Rex fabrics for the dinosaur quilt design I previously showed have arrived and are just so darn cute.  But that project is on the back burner – I have several other things I need to make first.


And in my puttering yesterday I was playing a bit more in EQ with a few potential designs below.  Now I’ m off to actually start cleaning the sewing room which I’ve been meaning to get to for a couple weeks and have been avoiding!  Time to start…..

blueyellowredblacklimessun and surfsunny