My Melodyy – Wolltraum Yarn

As I was looking a some projects on Ravelry a week or more ago, I came across several that were using this unusual yarn.  The yarn is called My Melodyy and it comes in lovely gradient colors that you can have caked light to dark or dark to light – your preference – and use multiple strands that are arranged to get the gradient look.  It’s also “multiple wrapped” yarn which means it’s not twisted and plied and the separate strands all lay  next to each other.

20180428_220180428_1I ordered two different colors in two different yardage amounts – both of them have one metallic strand in them to add a bit of glitz.  There’s a small charm tied on the end of the center pull strands.

Most of the projects I’ve seen using this yarn have been crocheted – don’t know if that means it’s difficult to knit with or since it’s a yarn I got from Sweden that crochet is more prevalent in certain areas or if the yarn company’s target audience is crocheters but I’m going to try knitting with it first and see what happens – once I decide what I want to make with it.   The yarn itself doesn’t really seem expensive to me but shipping can be, so this was my splurge and not a yarn I’ll likely use after I use these two cakes, but I couldn’t resist since it looked so interesting.

My plan for the bottom cake is to make an Allira Shawl by Ambah.


4 comments on “My Melodyy – Wolltraum Yarn

  1. Looks similar to Skacel’s alpaca Concentric. Not too bad to knit with. Michelle Hunter just did a KAL with it.

    • Yes it’s similar to that tho not alpaca – the metallic strand sometimes has a bit of a mind of it’s own but I think switching to pointier needles may help.

  2. It does look interesting. I have to admit I would love to run my fingers over it. What is it’s texture like, by the way? Soft or nubby? Thanks for your blog.

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