Sunday Stuff – 4-15-18

This “Sunday Stuff” I could have done without but it could have been much worse.


What’s on the ground is mostly ice pellets – feels like walking on sand outside since it started as rain, then freezing rain/sleet coating things, and then frozen ice pellets so at least when it changed to pellets it wasn’t coating things –  the lights were flickering  every so often last night since it was so very windy.

This morning it is snowing – regular flakes – which hopefully will stop soon.  I have a sneaking suspicion that my boots are at work so it needs to stop snowing so everyone gets the sidewalks cleared up before I have to head to the bus tomorrow.

But in all that cold gloomy weather – I spied a bright spot

Here’s the progress so far on my CustomFit Burnish Cardigan – both fronts and the back.


And I’m partially done with Clue 3 to the MKAL – I’m starting a simple striped section so it will be great tv knitting but boy those rows are getting long.




2 comments on “Sunday Stuff – 4-15-18

  1. Thank you for the photos of the cardinals. Living in the west, we don’t get them. I saw them twice when visiting grandkids when the lived in NJ. Good luck tomorrow.

    • We have them here year round and there are a lot that live in those trees outside my door. They are just a lot easier to spot on a winter’s day with the bare trees.

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