Electric Quilt 8

Since whenever I upgraded to Electric Quilt 8, I haven’t really had much time to play with it.  Whenever a program updates it takes a bit to figure out where that thing you want has gone now or what it is now called – it’s those little changes.  But I’ve done some playing with it today and once I get used to the new layouts, I’ll be just fine.

I’m trying to plan yet another wedding quilt. Don’t know that any of these will make the cut but I had fun playing with them.  From the simple:


To the not so simple – but I do really love this one and the sort of greyed tones of the fabrics.



I’ve got a couple other ones but I’ll save those for some other day.


4 comments on “Electric Quilt 8

  1. I especially like the second quilt! Lots of movement and lots of colors!! 🙂 I wish I could figure out EQ7! I’ve had it since it came out, and don’t really have the money to pay for expensive classes, but to me it’s like trying to learn a foreign language. I was no good at that in high school, and I’m just as bad now! I’m not giving up, but my poor brain wishes it clicked when it came to EQ….

    • I learned by going through the lessons in the books and there’s lots of free lessons on the EQ blog/website, along with the lessons and videos built right into EQ. For me the best way to learn was to just use it and play around with it. A friend was having issues getting the hang of EQ7 but she would do something in it and then not use it for 3 or 4 months and forget all she figured out the last time. Once she started using it more frequently it was much easier. Even if it was only 15 minutes a week to try different things, it still made a big difference in being able to retain what she had learned previously.

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