Barn Dance Revisited



Some of you may remember the Barn Dance BOM I presented here on the blog back in 2016.  It was a simple quilt to piece and a great way to use up a wide variety of fabrics.  So many different style of fabrics would look good in this design.  (We won’t mention the state of finish/unfinish my own version is in.)   Mine is in batiks, I’ve seen versions in 30’s repros, civil war fabrics, stripes, and dots.

I’m very happy to now share with you this floral version made by Linda Minga which she calls Smell the Flowers.

Minaga - Smell The Flowers - Lg

The mix of florals and other fabrics make it such a fun, fresh looking quilt.  Seeing this has energized me to finish the quilting on my own…soon, very soon.

And check out this close up photo Linda sent of the quilting.

Minaga - Smell The Flowers - SmThe quilting is absolutely stunning.  Linda said the quilting was done by Dorie Hruskra at Forever Quilting.

I’m sure you will agree, the fabric choices, excellent piecing and stunning quilting all make this an absolutely gorgeous quilt.

Thank you Linda for sharing this with me and allowing me to share it on the blog.  And on this cold, dark, gray, raining/snowy morning where I am, it’s nice to see something that screams “SPRING!”


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  1. You are truly an amazing lady.   Thank you for posting my quilt.   I shared your site via messenger and my Facebook and to my groups pages.    I am now famous.   LOL Thanks so much to the magnificent quilting by Dorie Hruska of Forever Quilting with Dorie. As well as my  dear friend Dr. Becky who introduced me to this fabulous pattern.   Denise Russart is the designer of the incredible use of the tried and true standard Churn Dash.   Dorie made the flowers bloom.  See Denise Russart’s Blog Thanks so much.   Can’t wait to tackle another pattern Sent from my T-Mobile 4G LTE Device

  2. Did you see my finished one on quilt post? Go ally was able to post a few pictures. Tjis quilt will stay with us!

    Diana in RR Texas

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