A second sock


No I have not finished the second to the pair of Peacock pattern sock I am working on but I had started this pair a day or two after starting the Peacocks (which I left at work so needed to cast on these one day so I had some bus knitting!) 🙂

Anyway, this is the Evergreen Socks pattern – called that due to the lace design on the leg that looks like, what else?, evergreens.

I wasn’t paying attention the day I started these and grabbed larger needles than I would have normally used.  I didn’t notice that until I got to the heel.  I adjusted the decreases on the gusset a bit to make it down to a tighter fit around the foot.  The loose leg – that doesn’t bother me so much since I like them loose around my legs.  I was more concerned that I had used up too much yarn on the first sock but after weighing the sock and the left over yarn ball, I have plenty left for the second sock.


First I’m going to finish off the Peacock pattern pair tho, since that second sock is now at the heel turn, before starting the second sock to this pair.

Speaking of pretty yarn (well we weren’t but I’m always thinking about pretty yarn and pretty fabrics) – Madelinetosh is creating new colors and retiring other colors of yarn.  (The sock above is in South Pacific which is retired).  I fell in love with several new TML colors:


Tripwire (the two in the middle) I absolutely love and the one on the right which is very dark with very dark hints of other colors, is Bittersweet.     Esoteric – the color on the left just needed to come along – I don’t know if I will use them all together but that was my plan in ordering them.

Then there were the new Under The Sea colors and the SweetGeorgia sale so these arrived also.


The two on the left are April Under the Sea Colors and those will be used together for a future ESK QKAL  project that requires use of any of the ESK exclusive colors.

Last night I finished the back on the Burnish CF sweater.  So fronts and back are done and just a few rows of the first sleeve knit.  And today the next clue for the Impressionist MKAL came out so I’ve got that to work on as well.

Many yarny things going on here.  I saw this pattern today – its called a poncho but I don’t really think of this style top as one.  I have a store bought one similar shape that I love and this one with the lace, etc. – gorgeous in my opinion. I haven’t bought it yet but I love it and added bonus, I have the perfect yarn (or at least I think it’s the perfect yarn) in the stash just waiting for that perfect project.   But need to finish off a few other things first as usual.