April 8, 2018

Goodness it’s been a busy week.   I’m not happy there’s been snow and winter temperatures are back but not totally unexpected either.  I am happy that the sun has been shining even tho that makes it look like it should be warmer outside than it is.  Those poor crocuses and tulips I had seen sprouting their heads up here and there may have gotten frozen off – time will tell. And I have finally seen some robins so maybe Spring is headed this way – not this week exactly but I can hope.


I did finish some of my cleaning I was working on last weekend (and some I didn’t finish).  If you scroll down that old green bookcase I was going to empty is now sitting outside along the side of my patio.  It actually is the perfect length to make my own little privacy wall along the side of my patio and I think I may fill it with pots of flowers come spring – or eventually it will end up on the curb – but it’s out of my living room , Granny’s treadle sewing cabinet (minus treadle machine) is now the tv stand, and I finally put all the thimble collection back into the little cubbies they go in (they’ve only been sitting in a box for a year or two or…. a long time).

New revolving bookcase is put together and I love it.  It’s the perfect size for the space I wanted to put it.  I sorted through all the books, DVD, VHS, magazines and have several boxes packed up to get rid of.


The Second Quarterly ESK KAL project is socks.  I just finished off my first sock yesterday – the pattern is called Peacock Socks and I like the texture in the pattern on the leg.


I changed the texture a bit on the top of the foot since texture inside my shoe sometimes bothers my foot.  I do love the way the yarn knit up.  Need to get the second sock cast on today – have I mentioned I’m totally loving doing magic loop socks now which I thought I’d never say.  it all finally clicked.


Clue 2 of the Impressionists MKAL was released yesterday so I finished up clue 1 last night and got a bit of a start into clue 2 which added in my third color.


Today’s task may be to tackle some stuff in the sewing room after my grocery delivery arrives which should be sometime in the next 45 minutes.  Or may be cleaning the bedroom – both rooms are in need so maybe I’ll just flip a coin….or knit until I decide……


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  1. Cool bookcase. Where did you find a revolving one? I too was resistant to magic loop but, once I took the plunge, I haven’t looked back!

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