And around it goes

It’s the new bookshelf I’m talking about – it spins in circles.  I’m going to be moving this old, big ugly bookshelf out of my living room.


Yes it’s a disaster right now because I started pulling stuff off it and sorting through DVDs to get rid of most of them and also get rid of all the VHS tapes.   So a large box and reuseable grocery bag full of movies I’m getting rid of and another large grocery bag of DVDs to see if my parents and/or sister want to watch.  Also two bags of books I’m done with so cleared out a good bit so far.   The rest of what is on the shelves is quilt books/magazines to sort through and some of the DVDs I’m keeping. Of course I also need to clear out the corner in front of the shelf where I knocked stuff when I was “sorting” which is mostly knitting type stuff and the stuf below – mostly knitting stuff like little balls of yarn left over from past projects.

The books and DVDs I’m keeping will move to this new revolving bamboo bookcase which I just finished putting together.


Ignore the mess in that corner – I’m always very messy while “cleaning.”  The little cabinet next to it will get moved from that spot and get repainted once the weather gets nicer and the rest are all boxes to be broken down and recycled.  But the bookcase will go farther back into that corner which is just sort of a dead spot behind where the door opens.

My spring cleaning has started.  My first goal is to box up all the stuff to donate to St. Vinney’s or Easter Seals (someplace that will come pick it up) like books, dvds, vhs, some kitchen items I’m getting rid of and some clothes – and then I need to hire a junk removal place to come remove my couch and the chair from my living room.  Not that I’ve found anything to replace them yet but I’ve got my recliner so I have a place to sit in the meantime.  🙂

But for now, back to knitting on my test knit.  I’m on the last striped section so hope to finish it off in the next day or so.


4 comments on “And around it goes

  1. Happy Easter, Denise! Looks like you are well on your way with the spriing cleaning, in thoughts and Action. Cheers, Cathy

  2. I love your new bookshelf, how clever. I always enjoy your emails. You are the busiest person I know. Can’t believe you have time to go to work. Happy Easter 🐇🐰🐣

    • Life’s too short to sit around doing nothing – plus that would drive me nuts. 🙂 Have to make the most of my weekends and vacation time since I do work.

  3. I had a friend who got rid of her furniture before getting new and something happened that she had to put off buying the furniture. She had a recliner and if we visited we would sit in lawn chairs.

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