Audra Test Knit

I have been so good about not starting new knitting projects – well at least for the past ten days anyway. 🙂  I’ve been knitting along on this test knit and making good progress.



I’m about half way through the third striped section and after I finish that section, there’s one more gray lace  section and then the final stripe section and edging. This is a very relaxing knit.  I can’t wait to see it blocked with the lace opened up because it is such a pretty design.   And I am absolutely loving the feel of the kidsilk striped with the fingering weight yarn – soft and airy but cozy.

I had previously mentioned wanting to make a Tuffet (footstool).  There’s lots of patterns/kits/dvds available for different shaped tuffets.  I have ordered the Not So Tuff Tuffet pattern designed by   The Tuffet will be a birthday gift (now belated) for my sister who knows I plan to make one for her.   She asked for one to go with a pinkish chair she has in her home office.   Hmmm….. it will be interesting to see what I find in the stash in shades of pink and mauves (and whatever other colors to go with them) since you know I don’t  work a lot with pink.  I do want to use batiks tho so a more likely to have those colors in multicolored batiks than in any other fabrics.   I have to get a photo of the chair to see what it really looks like and also to figure out what sort/color of feet to get for the tuffet.


4 comments on “Audra Test Knit

  1. I’ll be curious to see how you come along with that tuffet. I took a class where I made a tiny one, pincushion size. Although I am totally in love with it, it was quite a challenge to make.

  2. I’ve made 3 tuffets. They aren’t hard but it would be helpful to have an extra person to apply pressure when tufting it.

    • Hmm wordpress is sending tons of people into “pending” comments rather than just posting them – found you hidden there Janet! 🙂 Yes I was reading about needing a helper when tufting the middle. I’ll keep that in mind. May have to plan another sewing day with a friend so I have a helper for that part.

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