Fresh from the oven….

While awaiting my grocery store delivery this morning, I realized I had not included any bread on the shopping list or rolls/buns for the beer brat patties I had ordered.  Hmmm.. I had just been looking at the latest King Arthur Flour catalog I had gotten and decided – yep, need to do some baking.  There’s only one recipe I’ve tried that I didn’t care for – it was a cake and to me lacked flavor – but their bread recipies – now that’s a different story.

All of the bread recipies I’ve tried have been delicious.  I especially like the no-knead kind that I can mix up one day, let sit on the counter over night, and bake the next morning.

So first I mixed up some No-Knead Cheese  Burger Buns.   They have the “cheese” baked right into the dough.   I also threw in a handful of the Harvest Grain mix seeds.


They look and smell yummy.

I also mixed up one of my favorites, No-Knead Harvest Grains Bread.  I did change the recipe just a bit since there’s supposed to be some wheat flour and I didn’t have any but added in some rye flour instead and since I had a packet of flax seed, added that in with the Harvest Grains mix.   So that will get backed tomorrow morning.

Later today I’ll be working on a test knit of a shawl.   I’m using one of my favorite Hedgehog Fibers colors – directly from the stash no less – Film Noir.   The sock yarn and the Kidsilk Haze lace are both Film Noir.  I love how it’s looking and feeling with the kidsilk although it sure caused a lot of little mohair wisps to float around  my living room while I was winding it the other day.