Fastest Socks Ever

These socks are just flying off the needles!


One done (obviously from the photo) – I love the turned down cuff – and the other one I have just a couple of rows before starting the toe.  It, of course, helps that these are worsted weight socks – so much faster to knit than fingering weight.  Too bad they are too thick to wear with my shoes but they will be nice and warm to wear around the house.

I’m also glad I tired the magic loop method of knitting socks again.  The first two times I failed miserably but now I’ve got it mastered and I think it’s a bit quicker for me than my beloved (up until now) double points. (Of course these are also knit with size 6 needles so that makes it go a whole lot faster too!)  The key for me I think was a longer circular needle.  I think the ones I used the first two tries were too short which made it difficult.  A 40″ needle seems to work best for me.  We’ll see how speedy I think it is when I switch back to fingering weight yarn and a size 1 needle. 🙂

Yes I’m already planning the next pair of socks –  at the moment I think they will be the Afshari pattern.   Plain foot but a bunch of textured stitches on the leg.





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