TLE Knitting Challenge – Newly Noted

Last night I finally finished off that last repeat need to finish my Toph Hat for the Great Loopy Knitting Challenge.  This one is for the “Newly Noted” challenge where the requirement was to use a pattern published in 2017 or 2018 and use at least 200 yards.


This is the second hat I’ve made from this pattern and they are such fun.  Knit sideways and simple German short rows for the color work.  I highly recommend this pattern.  It looks great with two solid colors or endless possibilities with variegated.


Now I just need to finish off the other Newly Noted project I’m working on.  But I just double checked and while I was thinking all projects had to be done this month (as in the challenge ran quarterly) they really are not due until the end of May.  Excellent news  – I may actually get a sewing challenge project or two done by then as well.

I also started on a new pair of socks last night.  It’s too bad I can’t make all my socks on size 6 needles with worsted weight yarn – they knit up so much more quickly!!  And the third try was a charm – I finally have the magic loop method under control.


The cuff of this sock looks a bit odd (wider than the rest) but that’s because the lower leg is just ribbing and that top 3″ or so of different textures is the wrong side – it gets folded down as a cuff to look like this.


I like how the yarn is pooling  – making spirals around the sock.  These socks since they are worsted weight will be worn as slippers around the house



10 comments on “TLE Knitting Challenge – Newly Noted

  1. Hi Denise, I love reading your blog. I’m not a great knitter but my DIL is and I know she’d love that hat pattern. How do I find it?

  2. That hat looks terrific! Once you explained how it’s worked, I can see that it probably isn’t all that difficult! May need to download the pattern myself. Always looking for a cool hat to knit!

    • Yes it looks difficult but it’s so easy. You should definitely try it. I love the fit on it too – perfect length from top to bottom edge for my head. The designer has several other patterns knit the same way with different designs so I may have to try another.

  3. Both projects are very pretty. It looks like you are on a turquoise roll at the moment. I haven’t made any socks with worsted weight YET, but I’m all for finishing them faster than my usual 1-2 months. lol

    • Yes for some reason it seems I always have projects going in similar colors. Then I try to pick a different color I haven’t used in a while and end up with a couple projects in that color. LOL

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