3:15AM Knitting Update

I have no idea why I’m wide awake but I still am.  But, several good movies and quality knitting time and I have finished my Flash KAL cowl in about half the allotted time so now I can get back to other projects that need finishing.

Even gave it a soak and got it on the blocking mats so it’s currently sitting under a fan in the other room drying.



4 comments on “3:15AM Knitting Update

  1. I love this cowl! Now that I see it blocked I see the stitch pattern is like my favorite sock pattern – Tidal Wave. I am usually too warm for cowls, but someone I know will be wearing this cowl after Christmas, don’t know who, but I must knit this cowl. Thanks for enabling me.

    • Thanks for the heads up on the sock pattern – it is very similar. I may need to make a pair of those since one of the upcoming quarterly knit alongs is socks.

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