FKAL – Song of the Sea Cowl

I’ve made great progress on my cowl for the flash KAL.  I started the evening of the 5th after I got home from work and have worked on it in the evenings and rides to work so after 3 days I’m on the largest “wave” section.


This is a really fun knit and easy to do – it will definitely need blocking and that change the look a bit so the three sizes of waves are more obvious – but this has been a very engaging knit but not a difficult one.

It needs to be done by the 15th – which shouldn’t be a problem since I should have it finished before the end of the weekend – but after that I have to get back to my Great Loopy Challenge projects

These are the last photos I took of those projects but they are both a bit farther along.  The hat only has one repeat left to knit (3 leaves to add) and the scarf is coming along nicely.   I need to get both these finished before the end of the month.




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  1. Hi, I don’t knit, I’m a quilter. But I am totally amazed at your beautiful knitting. You are one VERY talented lady. I enjoy your posts.

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