Weekly catch-up – 2-4-18


February – that came quickly.  But that means one more month of winter behind us.  I love that if it is a sunny day now (not gloomy and overcast) the sunrise and sunset are that much more earlier/later and I get to see a bit of daylight as I’m headed to work and when I get off the bus at night rather that darkness both ways.

Warning – spoiler alert if you are doing the ESK Yarnthon and don’t want to see the 10K yarn before you earn it but heck – since I share photos of all my knitting  you’re just taking your chances since this is the last spoiler alert warning I’ll be giving.

But first for those quilters out there – if you live in the US and would like to receive a free issue of  Quiltmaker Magazine  which just happens to have my quilt design on the cover, just leave a comment on this blog post AND be sure to check back next weekend when I’ll announce the winner, who will need to PM me their mailing info.

Updated:  You comment may not show up immediately in the comments section after your post it.  If you haven’t posted comments, or few, or if WordPress is just being difficult – your comment is held in pending until I review and approve it.  So just leave one comment – once I approve it, it will show up with all the others.  For some reason it seems to be sending comments to pending for people I have previously approved.


I have been busy knitting, knitting, knitting – staying off my mangled toes.  Hopefully I can get my boots on tomorrow since it looks like this outside my door this morning.  Snowed yesterday but I like the snowy view better than the brown dead grass view that was there yesterday.


And the fingerless mitts I’m making out of the 10 K yarn – it’s knitting up pretty.


This picture is before it’s seamed.  The second one only has another inch or so left for me to know.

Now to go take photos of the rest of the knit projects I’ve finished /been working on this week.

24 comments on “Weekly catch-up – 2-4-18

  1. So, toe getting better? mine is . Starting to peal the skin as it had swelled up so much. Love the color of the fingerless gloves. My colors..lol

  2. Love the quilt colors. Those hand mitts are in a color to die for. Your inspiration for others is golden.

  3. Love your beautiful quilt and happy that it made the cover of Quiltermaker. Always enjoy seeing what you have made. Happy to be included in the drawing. Good to hear you are finally on the mend with your toes. The beautiful color you are using for the fingerless mitts is my favorite color. Thank you for sharing all that you do.

  4. Congratulations on your beautiful cover quilt. My issue of Quiltmaker arrived yesterday. It is a gorgeous quilt.

  5. Love that cover quilt. The colors are so bright. I’ve avoided diamonds for years but maybe now’s the time to give it a try.

  6. Your designs have power no matter what fabric colors with which they are stitched or kited ! Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. The quilt design is beautiful! Thank you for sharing your pattern (and many others) with us!

    Thank you for the contest.

  8. I may be too late for the drawing but if not, “Thanks” for including me! Its a lovely quilt for the cover!

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