Okay – when I try to type the name “Shifts” (the name of the pattern I’m working on) you can imagine I keep leaving one of those letters out and have to go back and fix it – makes me laugh every time cause it does make for some new meanings to my sentences — okay I’m easily entertained tonight! 🙂

Anyway – Shifts is going to be a fun and quick knit I think.  This….20180127_11







Became this








Which in turn is becoming this


and actually I’m probably about 8″ or more beyond what is shown in this photo from earlier this afternoon.    This fade type project uses the method where you use two strands of yarn held together, drop one strand and add in the strand of the second color, drop other strand of first color and use two strands of second color, drop one of second color and add in one third color etc.   Garter stitch, made with double fingering weight means lovely squishy scarf.


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  1. That is going to make into one beautiful scarf! Can’t wait to see how the colors shift from beginning to end.

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