January 27, 2018

Goodness, I can’t believe that it’s already nearly the end of January.   Does that mean I really should take this down?


I was going to do it this weekend but won’t get to it.  It’s sitting in a corner out of the way and it’s only been up a couple days over a month which I figure is fine – many people have them up that long — they just normally have them up that long BEFORE Christmas.  I get to enjoy mine after all the busy-ness of the end of the year.

Thursday morning as I was grabbing my boots to head out the door to the bus stop, I turned around, kicked the ottoman, and  broke/mangled two toes.   So that’s why the tree won’t get down today or any of the other cleaning done.  I plan to sit with my foot up, knit and binge watch some Dr.Who on Prime.  I love to watch Dr. Who and have been watching all the series on Prime from the very beginning (first doctor).  I’ve seen various episodes over the years, but I like the “classic” ones best (the older series – cause you know I like those special effects/blooper effects of the day – feet sticking out under costumes and all those things that make the special effects of old not look so special today).  I’ve just made it up to the regeneration into the fifth Doctor which is one I don’t think I’ve seen any of the episodes of.  There are 27 seasons on Prime of the classic, each season having around 25 episodes — yes I think that will keep me entertained or a while.  So if you’re not a Dr. Who fan (I hear there may be some people who aren’t) 😉  that’s now more than you ever wished to know about Dr. Who.

On to knitting things – I finished off my second Simple Yet Effective cowl so now have both cowls knit for a quarterly KAL – just need to block and weave ends.  Less than 2 yards to spare.


I like the feel of this Yaksi yarn  which I had been wanting to try.  It feels nice to knit with, has great  stitch definition, and will be a warm, soft, cozy cowl.  It’s great for a little accessory and I’ve satisfied my wanting to see what the yarn was like – the cost is a bit high so I likely wouldn’t use it again since there are other soft, cozy yarns I like and are less expensive.


Progress on my Toph Hat for The Great Loopy Knitting Challenge.  I think I just have one more repeat of the chart left to go.  And as I look at this photo and the one of the cowl, I think they may become a set.  The colors in the hat above are washed out by the bright light outside (yes the sun is shining!) but the colors really do go nicely together.

More stripes have been added on DaPunzel  Tuch – and more stripes will be added.


And the yarn arrived for the Fade project I’m going to do for The Great Loopy Knitting Challenge tho I’m rethinking the pattern.  I was going to do What the Fade – but that’s a triangular shawl and I had to remind myself I don’t like wearing that shap shawl.


Here’s the actual yarn that has arrived.   And I now plan to use the pattern Shifts – long, rectangular -a much more wearable shape for me.  Check out the pattern for a simple “fade/color melting” look and the pattern is free.   I don’t plan to wind all the separate balls of yarn like the pattern calls for, I’ll just end one of the two colors and start a new one at random when I feel like it.   Fingering held doubled should knit up fairly fast -looking forward to trying this different fading/melting technique.


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  1. You are not alone. Our tree is still standing too. I’ve put away a little at a time over the last 2 weeks, but got tired and left the tree for a bit more. Maybe next week it will come down and get the Valentine decorations up soon (for a month!). Your cap and cowl look great. Love that pattern on the cap. Beautiful.

  2. I’m fairly new to knitting and have a question I haven’t been able to find an answer for: what would be the difference in the finished dimensions if a project is knit with 2 skeins of fingering yarn consecutively as compared to the 2 skeins being help together and knit on larger needles?

    • I can’t answer that for you – too many variables – the type of project, the larger needle size, your own individual gauge, what yarn the pattern was originally written for, etc.. But two strands of fingering held together is pretty much the same as a single strand of worsted weight yarn. So if you find a pattern that uses worsted weight yarn, you should be able to substitute your two strands of fingering weight and use the needle size listed in the worsted weight pattern to get a project essentially the same as if you used worsted weight.

      • Thank you. I don’t have enough projects completed to know how to estimate this. I can handle finding the worsted weight yardage. 🙂

      • Finding a project using worsted weight yarn will give you approximate finished dimensions for using two strands fingering weight held together but remember it will take twice the yardage amount of yarn called for in the worsted weight pattern.

  3. Our tree is still up too, but it’s only because we couldn’t get to the shed with the box where everything ON the tree goes….too much snow!! So today the box came in the house, so I know what I’m doing this afternoon. So sorry to hear you mangled your foot. Definitely NOT a fun thing!! Enjoy your knitting time and Dr. Who!

    • Our snow has all melted except for the very shadiest spots that were protected from yesterday’s rain. And it’s really nice out today – I can’t believe its the end of January and we’re getting weather like this.

  4. Morning, I feel your pain. :-[ Stubbed my big toe 2 weeks ago. Still hurts, so be ready for a painful couple of weeks, but they do get better. :-}

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