“Spinners” is a Cover Girl

I was just thinking the other day about one of my quilt designs submitted to Quiltmaker at the beginning of last year that hadn’t been published yet and it should be coming out soon….. and when I went to my mailbox there it was…. and its on the cover so that is extra exciting.


It’s a really easy pattern to sew (not that I’ve done one yet) but you just need to pay attention to block placement.


No – that red line all over the right side is not in the magazine but I can’t be showing you the images/directions of how to make it now can I because there are lots of cute quilts in the issue so you will want to go buy one or buy the electronic version.

But that red line – I’ve had Paint Shop Pro for more years than I can remember and absolutely am not a Pro and don’t use many of the features it contains but I found that and if you don’t do it as scribbly as I did, it looks like a strand of yarn laid out there – just what I need right?

The fabrics for the McKenzie Bag by Abbey Lane Quilts arrived.  All tied up win their Loopy Ewe ribbon – they package their stuff so nicely when they send it out.


Love the bird prints (those are for the lining/inside pocket.  The putty colored abric on the bottom is the outside of the bag and the four houndstooth checked  are felted wool which will be used as appliques on my bag or pockets, or little zippered pouch for inside or sunglass case or….. I don’t know for sure how I’ll incorporate them but the colors are fun.  I may buttonhole applique a bird on the outside – who knows.  Felted wool doesn’t ravel so it’s great for buttonhole applique.  And in my mailbox today I found the copper colored grommets I ordered from somewhere else (’cause TLE doesn’t carry grommets) and I think the cooper color will be great with the main fabric.

I need to go through the pattern and figure out where and how I want to use some of the fabrics and I want to see if I have enough fabric to felt the main wool first or use it as is.






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    • Thanks Janet – I was thinking of making a mini version since I have small pieces cut that would work – maybe a wallhanging for me but I also need to make yet another wedding quilt so I’m contemplating using this pattern for that as well.

  1. Congrats on your “Cover Girl” status! Love the pretty bright colors in this quilt. Can’t wait for my issue to arrive . . .

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