It’s Finished!

Okay this is probably the last time you’ll see this shawl — aren’t you glad since it’s been in every blog post since I started it but I totally love this shawl.

It was worn to work yesterday and the photo below taken indoors – a quick snap before I headed out to work – is actually more the true colors (it’s a bright sunshiney, snow reflecting day this morning when I took the above photos).



The basic pattern is Linus which is free.  It’s a great long, skinney shawl/scarf which is my favorite shape to wear.  I followed the basic pattern but then “faded in/melted in” four different yarn colors.  I haven’t figured out yardage used – I just worked with each color until I decided to switch or knew I was getting close to running out.    It ended up being about 99″ long and  18″ wide at the widet part of the asymetrical point.

Other than this being my favorite shape shawl, there is also a eyelet increase edging along the top  (if you look in the photo above you can see dark sort of spots along the solid purple section hanging down on it’s left edge – those are the eyelets that run all along the top edge and make the neatest cleanest look of any shawl increase I have ever done.  I may substitute that into other shawl patterns.  And of course I love squishy garter stitch shawls – great to wear, easy to knit, and great portable project you can easily pick up and put down.

So last night I cast on  DaPunzel Tuch.  This is going to be another quick in knit.  It would be a great way to use up those leftover sock yarns since the colored stripes take so little yarn.

This is how at I got last night.


And here is sort of what it will look like when the braiding of the loops is done.


That  edging is so cool.  I’m already plotting to try to that that edging to the sleeves of a sweater I want to make.

My fabrics/pattern arrived for the wool purse I want to make but I’ll save those for later.  The dryer is beeping at me to come tend to it……




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  1. I am just in awe of your beautiful knitting. This shawl is soooo gorgeous. I can crochet a little, but mostly quilt. I did buy some yarn when we were recently in New Zealand. I plan to make a skinny scarf as long as i have yarn for. Good for that cold MN weather of ours.

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