More Plotting and Planning

First – obligatory photo of shawl you’ve seen in any blog posts already but I added in the third color last night and it “melted” in very nicely with the 2nd color so I’m so happy with it.


I’ve been plotting my Great Loopy Knitting/Sewing Challenge projects and materials for them.

My current plan is to finish two Sewing Challenge projects.  One is the wallhanging I’m making to include all my badges and buttons from various knitting/sewing events and challenges.

The second will be a new purse/bag for me for the Technical Challenge “All in the Bag.”

The outside of it will be wool., the inside cotton fabrics.  The pattern is the MacKenzie Bag.  Grommets for the straps to go through are also on order.


The putty colored wool will be the main outside fabric.  The houndstooth checks are felted wool pieces and I will use those for maybe an outside pocket I plan to add and perhaps some appliques added to the outside.  The two bird prints are for the lining and inside pockets.  I think this will be a fun project to work on and I so need a new purse.

Aren’t those houndstooth wools pretty colors.  I could see using some leftovers to make this Easter Egg pattern I found on line at Martha Stewart.  And now that I’ve stuck the link here maybe I’ll remember to make a few small ones since I should have scraps left over.

I also pulled the yarn for one of the two Loopy Knitting Challenge projects – the Newly Noted challenge which requires a pattern published in 2017 or 2018.  I plan to make another Toph hat  – this is the one I made last year for a hat KAL


Toph S11-15-17 – F11-28-17


I found in the stash (yep from the stash not newly purchased!)  some Crackpaca in a color called Muddy Rainbow, and some Baa Ram Ew Dovestone in a color called Bramley Baths.


Looking forward to making another one of these hats since I so enjoyed making the first one.


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    • I guess it depends on the beginning knitter but I think so. It’s all garter stitch. You use german short rows, provisional cast on and kitchner the seam at the end — there are pictorial tutorials in the pattern for those three items (or you can find lots of YouTube videos for those if you want to see someone doing it in action). And you follow a chart much like a cross-stitch chart – so many stitches of this color and then so many of that color. It’s such a fun knit!

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