Saturday 1-13-18

You’ll get tired of seeing this shawl before I finish it but I love the colors so much – here’s a day light shot that shows the colors better.


The two hanks in the middle are the ones I ordered “hoping” once of them would go well with this project.  They both would work equally well.  I don’t know that I’ll be able to use both of them – I want this shawl super long (it’s a long and fairly skinny shape – which is the shape of shawl I love and wear the most) but there is a limit as to how long.  But will have to see as I go along whether I use just one of them or both of them.

And here’s the progress shot of my Vine Ripened Red Yaski, Simple Yet Effective cowl pattern.


The zipper of my bag I carry my knitting in has gotten ruined and keeps snagging my yarn so I decided I really need to make a simple project bag or two to throw my projects I that I work on during my bus rides, etc.  Now we both know I have plenty of fabric in my sewing room to choose from to make some bags.  HOWEVER…. I am on the “Herknit” Crabs team in the Yarnathon so I really do NEED a hermit crab bag.  And I found a couple other “knitting” looking fabrics I could not pass up because how fun to have a knitting project bag out of knitting stitch printed fabric.   It’s my first time ordering through Spoonflower but I have heard good things about it.  These are the fabrics I ordered.


The hermit crab print and brown cable print will probably be used together for one bag.  The bottom two a separate bag or maybe mixed with some other prints.  I also want to include some squares of the two knit print ones in the wallhanging I’m making to hang all my Yarnathon, Camp Loopy, etc. buttons and badges on.