Knitting progress

I started on the cowl in the Vine Ripened Red yarn I showed in the previous blog post but haven’t taken a photo of it – its only about 2″ wide at this point.   I’ve been mostly working on the Linus shawl.   This shawl will earn several badges, once its done, for the Yarnathon.

Since the last photo,


I have gotten a lot done on this.  It is probably only about 12″ long on the top long edge in this first photo.

Last night I added in the second color of yarn.  Originally I was going to use just two different yarn colors but then I realized if I added in a third color, it would qualify for my “fade” project badge too.

My first color was Hollyhock – fairly solid colored purple.  My second color is a variegated called Anniversario.

20180112_2It has some of the same purples in it as the Hollyhock so it matches rather well when knit together.

I wanted to use the same kind of yarn, Malabrigo Dos Tierros which is a DK weight merino and alpaca blend.  I love the feel of it and the texture is a bit different so another brand of yarn would not have looked very good.  So of course I had to order a third color since I don’t have any other colors of it.

There are several Malabrigo colors – multicolored yarns – that vary greatly from hank to hank – just the nature of this hand dyed yarn.  The Anniversario above is one that varies. So the color in a photo when shopping on line, may not be truly representative of every single hank.  Knowing this, I took a gamble and ordered two different multicolored hanks hoping to get one of them to work for this project, and I put a note on my order asking that if there were any with more dark purple in them, those were what I was looking for.   They arrived today – I haven’t taken a photo yet – but I think either one will work – I just need to take a closer look at them in broad daylight.

So here is where I am at tonight – the long edge which was 12″ in the above photo is now about 45″ long.   And the colors faded perfectly together to make the transition from one to the next so I’m really pleased with it.  Hopefully a third color will blend equally well.


Brrr…. I can feel the cold emanating through the floor as I’m sitting at the computer.  50 degrees yesterday – 10 today!  That’s just very mean of Mother Nature.  So tonight’s plan, a big bowl of popcorn, flannel jammies and quilt for the couch, more binge watching of Dr. Who (I’m up to the appearance of the 4th doctor) and more knitting on this.  I live such exciting Friday nights!  But in my opinion it’s a perfect way to start the weekend.


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  1. I love the colors you’ve chosen for this shawl (anything in the purple family would do that, you know). I think your Friday night activities are perfect—I would love to do the same but when you have other mouths to feed, it doesn’t happen very often. This is why I’m such a night owl. My quiet time is when everyone else goes to bed!!

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