It’s getting monotonous!…

What you ask is getting monotonous?  This dang weather – since Christmas Day it as been in the single digits or below.  This coming week it’s supposed to warm up (double digits – wahhoooooo) 😉  but I  bundled up about an hour ago to go get the mail and take garbage out and despite the fact that the sun was shining brightly and there was a bright blue sky – it was frigid.  And now – the sun has set so it’s dark and frigid. Oh well….

My trip to the mailbox resulted in some fun goodies tho.


The bag of badges I had earned for projects made in the 2017 Eat Sleep Knit Yarnathon.  I think there is 56 or so badges in that bag – of course one project could earn multiple badges depending on what it was.   Now I do need to get stitching on the PB&J Quilt so I can pin these on it  along with all the other pins I have for other things I’ve been involved in.

And since I’m on team Herknit Crabs for this years Yarnathon, I couldn’t resist getting some new hermit crab stitchmarkers.


And the last few days my mailman as been busy delivering things to my door.  My two orders from Miss Babs gratitude sale at Christmas finally arrived earlier this week and my Under the Sea yarnathon yarns also arrived.


These are my Miss Babs the be below yarn is the yarnathon yarn – Ariel Sparkle and Sea Witch.  If you’ve seen Disney’s Little Mermaid you can probably figure out which is which. 🙂

Hmmm in looking at the two photos above I seem to be in a aqua and purple frame of mind at the moment.

Progress has been made on my first QKAL project – I just might be able to finish this tonight.