Taming the PB&J

In this case, PB&J does NOT mean peanut butter and jelly.  It stands for the pin and button jumble that I keep finding all over.

I have all kinds of badges and button type pins from participating in various KALs, other knitting events, Camp Loopy, and the super big buttons that Quiltmaker 100 Quilts used to do when you had a block in one of the issues.  They are scattered here and there in my sewing room, in drawers, in little baggies, on the bulletin board, on a tote bag – they are everywhere.

So the plan is to gather then all in one place and turn them into a decorative thing for my sewing room.  The graphics on the buttons and badges are great and fun so my plan is to make this wall hanging to pin then all to and corral them all in one place.

This is the simple design I will be using.


I plan to use some of my Grunge and Grunge Dots stash and some of those larger background type spaces will be filled with the special Camp Loopy printed fabrics.


Now on to some pressing and cutting of fabrics.




2 comments on “Taming the PB&J

  1. Love the pattern, I could see using this for kid quilts and using fun prints in the larger blocks. Is that a 12 inch block, making those colorful blocks 4 inches finished size?

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