Several hours later….

You know if I say I’m going to refrain from doing something, I likely will do it anyway….

The special yarn colors for last year’s Yarnathon didn’t really interest me but you know I ordered some Sea Witch (minutes after midnight – the first 2018 purchase) but I went back later this morning and had to get some of the Ariel too because I love all those colors.   ariel super sparkle

And it’s the Super Sparkle base so it has a bit of glitz in it.  I got it because I need another DaVinci Cowl – this looks like it should pool very nicely from the photo — time will tell.

I can safely say I will NOT be buying either of the other two limited edition Under the Sea themed colorways – truly I won’t.

I did cast on my first project after midnight – the Simple Yet Effective cowl – just rows of garter which make it look sort of like an I-cord roll on the bottom, alternated with garter sections.  Very simple.


Okay – I had to take a short break from writing this to go mix up some Raisin Bran muffins.  Turning on the oven will definitely help to warm things up in here and well… muffins… who doesn’t need those warm and yummy from the oven when they haven’t had breakfast yet.

I need to make a few finishing touches on a new quilting project drawing I’m going to work on today and then I’ll show it to you.  Only way to start off a new year – with some knitting and some quilting and some muffin eating! 🙂